Stump Grinding is the ​​​​fastest & most efficient method to remove a tree stump.  When removing a tree stump, it is not only important to take the entire tree stump, but also the root system. By grinding with our equipment, we are able to clear the tree stump and feeder roots with minimal impact to the surrounding area.  Most of the wood chips are mixed into the soil, and the rest can be easily removed if any are left behind. **Depending on the species of tree, you will sometimes have a large pile of chips if the tree stump is larger than 30 inches** The remaining area can be covered with grass, mulch, or a new tree. Please let us know if you plan to replant a tree in its spot. We always suggest to Replant a Tree. "If you cut one down, you should always replace it" stump removal in waterford twp tree stump grinder tree stump removal 

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​​What is Stump Grinding​? Tree Stump Removal

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We will give you a price over the phone or do a onsite consultation per your request. The consultation is free. We will asses the size of the stump, roots, and surrounding area. We will than provide you with a proposal that is good for 30 days.  If you decide to move forward,  Miss Dig will be called to mark all underground utilities.   This process can take up to three business days, and work can begin once completed. ​SAFETY FIRST.

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The cost and time to remove a stump is based on the size, type of wood, location, and difficulty of the stump removal or difficulty of the job. It can take 30min-2hrs per stump, based on the size of the stump. We will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining this information. 

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